Thursday, June 02, 2005

China Cafe 中國冰室

This cafe is in the old district Mongkok, which may be why so many old persons gather in this place. Most of them may have retired; some of them work or live in the district. The cafe is open at 6 am - 7:00 pm. I have asked the owner whether the business was good at 6:00 am. She answered me that it was very quiet until 10:00 am. She explained that many people who had been living in the area had moved, also, the life-style was different from the past. The style of the cafe is very nostalgic. The small tiles for the wall and the floor are very original and rarely seen in the modern cafe nowadays. The fried chicken leg and the fried rice with beef are very yummy. This is a great place to visit or to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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John said...

hi there... i just read your blog titled "China Cafe 中國冰室" and saw the two photos of yours... I am searching for some original cafes like that, do you think you can tell me where exactly that cafe in Mongkok?