Monday, October 24, 2005

Service Quality

I was looking for a shirt and went to Causeway Bay in the evening today. I visited three shops and the following are what I observed:

A. Polo at Sogo
A man was looking at a shirt and asked a 20-something female shop assistant for advice. She replied in a very rude tone without looking at the eyes of the man. I left immediately without further looking.

B. Brooks Brothers at Sogo
I was greeted by two salespersons when I walked into the shop. I asked a third shop assistant about the colour of any oxford shirts available. She "delivered" the information with a very freezing tone. I left the shop shortly.

C. Etro at Lee Gardens
I was greeted by several salespersons as I walked into the shop. I found a shirt I was interested. A salesperson asked my surname and guided me to the changing room. When I walked out the changing room, I was greeted by another salesperson addressing me with my surname. You may have guessed that I bought the shirt with a feel-good shopping experience.

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